LogoInternational Conference on Automatic Control and Dynamic
Optimization Techniques (
September 9-10, 2016

Organized by
International Institute of Information Technology, Hinjawadi, Pune, India


sanjay mittal

Dr. Sanjay Mittal 
Head, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Kanpur, India

Title of Keynote Speech
Adjoint based techniques for aerodynamic space optimization



Dr. Fazlur Rehman
Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Singapore

Title of Keynote Speech
Opportunities & Challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) for Process Automation


Dr. B P Patil

Dr. B. P. Patil
Principal, Army Institute of Technology, Pune, India

Title of Plenary Talk
Nanoelectronics and its Industrial Applications



Dr. Sanjay Shamrao Dambhare
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, COE, Pune.

Title of Plenary Talk
Wide Area Monitoring System for Smart Transmission Grid


Dr. G V Garje

Dr. G. V. Garje
Head, Computer and IT Department PVG's College of Engineering and Technology, Pune, India

Title of Plenary Talk
Wireless Sensor Network and Applications


Dr. S V ghumaste

Dr. S. V. Ghumaste
Professor, Computer Department, Gokhale Education Society, College of Engineering, Nashik, India

Title of Plenary Talk
Regression Analysis



Dr. A. L. Ramteke
Head, WILO Mather & Platt Pumps Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India

Title of Plenary Talk
Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering


Dr. g s mani

Dr. G. S. Mani
Ex-Director IAT Pune