LogoInternational Conference on Automatic Control and Dynamic
Optimization Techniques (
September 9-10, 2016

Organized by
International Institute of Information Technology, Hinjawadi, Pune, India


Electronics & Communication

Areas are not limited to below subjects



AI & Neural Networks

  A Practical Implementation for Digital Rights Management System
  Biometrics & Authentification
  Computer Vision & VR
  Agents and Data Mining
  Higher Order Spectral Analysis
  Image Processing & Understanding
  Image Segmentation
  Innovative Networking Technologies
  Multimedia & Human-computer Interaction
  Multimedia Communications
  Network Performance
  Network Security
  Parallel and Distributed Computing
  PDE for Image Processing
  Photonic Technologies
  Signal Processing for Bio-medical & Cognitive Science
  Signal Processing for Internet and Wireless Communication
  Signal Processing for Sensor Networks
  Spectrum Estimation & Modeling
  Speech and Audio Coding
  Speech Synthesis & Recognition
  Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition
  Telecommunication Services and Applications
  TF Spectrum Analysis & Wavelet
  Video Compression & Streaming
  VLSI Systems and Applications
  Wireless Networking